Tell Me About It, Stud

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Just a lonely girl lost in her own world.
Another make-believe land, that nobody understands.
-An aching heart collecting dust-
Aspiring writer & model with an aching heart smothered with nostalgia
and a soul drenched soaking wet in cheap whiskey.

Lately, with no knowledge understanding why my stomach is lost in an aching pit of agony and my eyes cradled by twiddling tears shown during the most uncalled for moments, I eventually felt that awesome slap in the face of realization that I’ve been facing much fear concerning my near future and how my life will transition within the next couple of years. The idea of relocating to the LA area from Arizona has been stuck on my mind since I was 14 years old, and now after many years I can finally say I have a stable opportunity to do so. I have been left with feelings of terror and excitement knowing the fact I will finally be on my own. I’m starting to feel a bit of luck from the fact after I quit my job as a waitress I was then offered a modeling job at Dolls Kill, and I as well have been given an opportunity to work at home from any location as a writer with an income 5x more than the two jobs I had combined. I am feeling so much relief towards this upcoming life transition. Someone please give me a high five.


Cris Brodahl

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